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Established in 1997, The staff at Little Bull Auction & Sales Co. has always worked hard to provide 5 star costumer service.  With over 100,000 registered Buyers and 1000's of satisfied Sellers, we feel we have lived up to that legacy.  Below you will find a few of the testimonials from past customers and clients.  If you are thinking of conducting an Auction or have any Real Estate needs, either buying or selling, we would be happy to provide direct contact information to some of our past customers and/or clients so that you can hear directly from them about the service they received while doing business with us here at Little Bull Auction & Sale Co.

                                                   Online Auction Buyer - Joey Velasquez

     Thank you so much. you guy are great to work with!!!  Please add me to your email list for any further online auctions you may have if that's possible.

Thanks again, Joey

Woo Hoo for Spring Training Sports Card & Memorabilia Auction - Conducted March 26th, 2016
Online Auction Buyer - Edward Daum

     I can't believe how quickly I received my items.  I was a little confused.  I paid my invoice in the morning at work and by the time I got home that evening, my shipment had already arrived.  Great Service Guys.

Sincerely Edward Daum

Cindy Kelly Living Estate Auction - LIVE onsite Auction Conducted April 3rd, 2016

     I Love going to your Auctions and pick you guys over the other Auction Companies whenever I get a chance because you always have helpers available after the Auction to help me load my stuff.  

An Auction Regular, Jim Smith - Winfield Kansas

                Haury Living Estate Auction - LIVE onsite/online Auction Conducted May 7th, 2016

     Thank you so much for a smooth transaction.  As an avid International Scout Collector, I was thrilled to stumble across the 1967 Sport Top Convertible thru your online bidding system.  Ton's of great pictures and you answered all my questions and was sympathetic about how nervous I was buying something that expensive sight unseen.  They worked with me from beginning to end and when I finally took possession, I was very pleased that the truck was as described.  I Love It.  Thanks so much. 

Chris Hostetler - Charlotte, North Carolina

      Magathan Estate Auction - LIVE onsite/online Auction - Emporia Kansas on May 14th, 2016

Always a pleasure.  As a longtime customer, I really appreciate your willingness to offer the online bidding and free local pickup back at your office the following week after the auction.  I always enjoy attending your auctions but it sometimes just doesn't fit it my schedule especially when you are operating so far out of Wichita.  Thanks.

Craig Shaft - Wichita Kansas


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